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Solent Asbestos
'When you are busy producing high quality products, it is vital that production and supply schedules are maintained. A commitment to fulfilling the needs of national and global customers had to be balanced with the Truvox philosophy of providing a pleasant, safe and developmental environment for staff.'

Since the 1960's Truvox International have been producing a range of electrical polishing machines for floor cleaning. At their factory in Southampton they design, build and supply machines to markets in the UK and over 60 countries worldwide.

A problem arose when rebuilding on a warehouse roof exposed potential asbestos bearing materials. Further work was impossible until this situation was resolved. On an emergency basis the call was made to Solent Environmental to make the site safe and remove contaminated materials.

The proviso was that this work should not interfere with the smooth running of the factory or any other business activities. As this was a vital business area for Truvox the work had to be tightly scheduled.

The project was a complex one, involving the construction of high level scaffolding around a sealed environment. This structure allowed essential asbestos removal from the roof area without interfering with warehouse activities below.

Truvox were able to continue business as normal while removal work was undertaken. Solent Environmental achieved everything that was required within an exacting deadline.
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