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'A vibrant teaching establishment is an environment of quiet study, examinations, tight timetables and constant student traffic. Removing hazardous materials in such a situation requires a high level of professional expertise and care."


Applemore College is a Senior High School tutoring students in a wide range of subjects. As part of a major refurbishment and upgrade programme for the College, Hampshire County Council commissioned Solent Environmental to work alongside its main contractor.

It was necessary to locate, secure, make safe and remove asbestos and asbestos bearing materials. Everything had to be completed within a tight schedule of 4 to 5 months. It required that work be undertaken when the College was least used although it was to remain open to students throughout. This meant that a flexible schedule of work had to be arranged which included weekends, evenings, school holidays as well as weekdays. The operation was not without its surprises. Areas previously unscheduled for investigation were on examination discovered to be contaminated.

In spite of this, the College remained open throughout. Work timetables were

revised accordingly in order to comply with students needs.

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