Professional asbestos surveys & asbestos removal for commercial, government & residential property owners.

Asbestos removal is the specialist discipline of Solent Environmental. As leading contractors in asbestos abatement, we offer fully accredited expertise right the way through from asbestos surveys to asbestos removal and completion.

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What we do

Asbestos services for creating a safer environment for the public and private sectors

Solent Environmental offer a range of asbestos services creating a safer environment for the public and private sectors. We help you comply with the law and ensure the safety and welfare of everyone around you. We provide asbestos services to those who need it covering the South of England.

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    Asbestos Removal

    If you want to have asbestos removed from your property our highly trained team can safely and quickly remove it with the minimum of disruption to your business. We remove asbestos from commercial, government and residential properties to make them safe again.

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    Asbestos Surveys

    If you have asbestos in your property and are looking to refurbish or demolish it then you will need to undertake a survey before work is carried out. Properties with asbestos need to be regularly checked to make sure it is still safe, our re-inspection surveys will provide you with peace of mind, and certification.

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    Asbestos Samples

    If you suspect you have asbestos on your property we can check potential asbestos samples to see if that is the case and what type of asbestos you have to help you manage the risk. We manage samples taken in our surveys so that you get your results quickly.

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    Asbestos Garage Roof Removal

    Asbestos garage roofing prior to the year 2000 was considered the standard option. If your garage roof is leaking, looking worn or even damaged, it will be difficult to repair due to the deadly asbestos materials. Our team of professionals will do this quickly and safely.

  • Large excavator digging up soil for land remediation.

    Land Remediation

    If you want to develop on contaminated land we can provide a full land remediation service. We’ll survey the land to find out what work needs to be undertaken and remove the land and/or contaminated soil allowing you to safely develop on it.

Mission statement

We aspire to the best in creating a safe and clean environment by being the go to experts for professional and sustainable asbestos removal.

Knowledge - Professionalism - Integrity - Reliability - Collaboration

Solent Environmental continue to work in a number of key sectors including defence and highways. If your building is currently unoccupied and you either in need an asbestos survey or have already identified any asbestos now is an ideal time for removal please get in touch and we can discuss a bespoke solution for your individual needs.

Who we are
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  • Solent Environmental have achieved a new 3 year HSE Asbestos Removal License - using the new online application process Solent have recently received from the HSE a new 3 year license to remove asbestos products.

  • Furthering commitment to both its client base and workforce, Solent Environmental has upgraded its Constructionline membership to Gold. This is a further demonstration of the company's continued assurance to maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees.

  • A member of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association, Solent Environmental is fully licensed in all areas of Asbestos handling.

  • For 25 years Solent Environmental have served the public and private sectors in large and small projects to create safer, healthier asbestos free living and working conditions.

  • Solent Environmental is licensed in all aspects of Asbestos Abatement and is compliant with all Asbestos Legislation, Health and Safety guidelines and approved Codes of Practice.

  • The company's equipment and plant is totally compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. All site operational staff of Solent Environmental are Construction Skills Certification Scheme registered.



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